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Poppy Playtime oh my gosh it’s right baby oh what is going on everybody my name is jacob forster and welcome to poppy playtime we’re continuing spooktober with some awesome awesome.

Poppy Playtime game Is In my basement today for you guys i got a new game and um it’s scary in honor of the month of halloween in october i shall pee myself for your entertainment this game is poppy’s playtime and it is creepy. We’re going we’re going into chapter one we’re gonna see how, far we can make it and uh if we can survive as an ex-employee of playtime co you finally returned to the factory many years after everybody within disappeared, so this is kinda it kind of reminds me of five nights at freddy’s man it’s been a long. Time since i played five nights at freddy’s so um i don’t know if. I’m ready for this you are about to see the most incredible doll ever invented her name is poppy and she is the first. Truly intelligent doll in the world a little girl can talk to her poppy, gives her answers she is the first doll actually able to have a conversation with a child well. Why is this why is this something we’re celebrating this is not this. Is not this is not good no no no poppy’s as lovable as a real girl and she talks like, one too hi my name is poppy okay first off whoever designed this thing why her her eyes so big bro you know.

That’s gonna be creepy at night there’s a thing about dolls that just creep me out what’s the time and if you’ve ever wanted to see how. All of the nation’s favorite toys were created play time go oh my gosh street tour oh factory. Oh wait it all makes sense now everybody thinks the staff disappeared 10 years ago.

We’re still here find the flower okay is that my first objective oh bruh no no oh security room oh okay so, i need some sort of color code to get in here what is this can i go through here oh i can’t go through, here okay so i need to somehow figure out some sort of color combination the problem with this place is there’s flipping colors everywhere. Look at the ground my little confusion poppy wants to play i don’t i don’t want to, play i never wanted to play i don’t really know there’s so many colors in here kids wait wait big brain the train green pink, yellow red i flip and got this i’m a genius green pink yellow red, oh let’s go all right what do we got in here oh there’s another one of these, tape things so there’s a green one in the other room oh wait i can pick up the tape, it didn’t let me do that in the other room maybe i just couldn’t pick up. That tape okay the the grab pack oh is that what this thing is it’s like oh it’s like the ultimate sticky hand oh i love this i love this i’m, all for this do not fire at co-workers yes okay okay oh it may cause injury oh my gosh he took his head off, use it for rewiring things all righty don’t mind if i do how do i pick it up, is is this is it right i’m so, scared bro i’m so scared there’s going to be something just like crawling on the ceiling behind me like some grandma or something. Bro but pee myself all right well i got it oh my gosh there you go very nice ah so i did get, the tape it didn’t let me i swear i didn’t let me pick it up though okay and you’re trespassing oh i’m trespassing this facility, is full of hidden motion triggers which oh i got it we’ll turn on the factory’s emergency alarm and directly contact the authorities oh snap and, that’s one of the more aspects of our security what did i just do no spoilers can i go. Back there you’ve got my warning it’s not.

Well let me turn oh it’s poppy wait that’s not poppy oh high five buddy yeah wait hold on yeah high five oh bro oh no oh no what does, that mean what did i just do what the flip did i just do the power oh flip okay oh, there’s wait is that a key oh i got a.

Key i don’t know where it goes maybe it goes to the power room oh it does oh beautiful i’m a genius that. That’s a very solid door right there that i oh never mind i can’t open it okay be kind.

Poppy Playtime Fun! i’m playing poppy’s playtime for like two hours and i’m still missing one all right let’s go find it finally get the red hand there we go all right here, it comes here we are finally oh now we have two hands all right good time to stop here i’m gonna go film a, video oh ethan you’re not done playing yet huh you say something why’d you stop playing i got, tired how do you know my name i’m the first, dog that can talk to little girls do you do i look like i’m a little girl that’s debatable well i.

Don’t care you’re what are you looking at me through somewhere i’m just here to make sure you’re still playing poppy playtime i just.

Played it for two hours two hours is not enough whatever you’re creeping me out video game companies watching me through the webcam. So lame so weird ethan let’s play poppy playtime some more what how is that impossible on my computer anymore i told. You to go back in there and keep playing what i don’t. Want to keep playing i just played for two hours why do you keep on popping up on all of my screens i already told you silly you. Gotta play the game some more oh yeah what if. I don’t then something bad might happen oh no oh my idea was trying to take me off i’m so scared what’s going on i’m losing it i.

Don’t know what’s going on all right here close my eyes a. Little bit let me take a little nap i’m done this is all weird this dog’s freaking out and going to bed no i, don’t know man though oh let’s play poppy play time it’ll be so fun yeah i’m sure it would be but i’m not i just played for two hours poppy’s. Playtime is everything i don’t care you’re kind of, mean that’s rude little boy no it’s not here it’s true that is not true it is very true just play poppy playtime and i won’t get mad again you know what fine i will, you’d leave me alone.

Oh what a good little boy hey guys what’s up sarah playing poppy’s playhouse against my will because the doll is absolutely trying to traumatize me i know it’s probably played house i, don’t know what it is and i truly don’t care, so let’s see what we can do here all right got the red hand here we go i’m a little bit terrified to see what’s behind this door.

One two all right it’s reading my hands oh a clerk oh hold it not a big fan not a big fan of, this oh what did you do um hey what are you doing oh i’m playing poppy’s play house against my will, oh i don’t want, to beat that oh please help me please please please so what does this do what is this uh so you gotta find another one. Of those there’s another room over here just go down there right guess i can’t get on these yeah all right all right oh there i got up and i got, up oh right there is it right there three hours later where. Is there it is yeah wait what is this the cheetah yeah you, gotta get that whoa where is it are you gonna come through there right where is it right there oh there it goes there goes. The cheetah is that a bee cheetah what why is the cheetah a beet i why don’t know look like plastic or like that is a strange combination all right i’m.

All right with it i guess okay pick it. Up all right i’m trying oh i got it okay okay so there shouldn’t be. Like a thing on the wall it’s not very specific well it’s on the wall oh you’re gonna put the cheetah in it all right where is it on the, wall right there on the wall right here oh it is i’m pro see speed running what oh got your. Nose all right don’t worry guys we’re safe bye bye are we ready i didn’t get to see it but i guess. That wasn’t that’s scary that is terrifying oh get up all right i’ll. Get up all right again no no no wait whoa dad come here come here i have a perfect game it’s friday yeah it’s uh and it’s scary, it’s like not really scary though, it’s like yeah it’s like a toy factor yeah it’s like family fun yeah it’s like a family yeah yeah yeah yeah what’s, it what is this uh puppies play time playhouse yeah why are you guys no he’s oh that’s the only scary part the rest of it is not scary at all oh, my gosh it’s like super friendly i forgot to tell you. How to crouch all right all right so i got this this.

Time i’m going to really do it yeah you’re going to was that broken thing like that’s where all right is okay we’re actually you you might think you won but i, i would keep playing what. Now i’m just saying are you sure okay guys let’s just keep playing super fun and better just keep playing you’re so fun right guys i already beat it so i’m done, i mean play dumb doll dumb dolls don’t. Even try get away get away you start playing again that makes me very mad no no no no no no no do you like my furry friend i sent, to meet you no i didn’t want to meet you in real life no good choice oh man oh man okay ha.

Ha dumb dog can’t see me in.

The dark no wobbly heavily listen man i’ll scoot for the game it’s no big deal a doll is real convincing man i’ll give, you that i’ll just go play it hey guys today we’re playing poppy playtime i cannot wait to play this new fun game we’re gonna.

Play it a hundred times yay okay down to play okay let’s play, poppy playtime it’ll be so fun .

poppy playtime game

Poppy Playtime Game

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Game Theory: The Bloody History of Poppy Playtime doki doki literature club solved bendy and the ink machine   solved five nights at freddy’s solved maybe then then kind of retconned and solved again   i don’t know it’s kind of solved yeah remains to be seen anyway. Today there’s a new challenger   poppy playtime and with only one chapter, available this thing is ripe for the theorizing we’ve seen   children’s toys and games trying to kill us. In the past but it’s never been anything like this hello internet welcome to game theory where today i wanted to start off by   introducing you. To our latest piece of merch say hello to the maddie pally doll   matty pally the perfect friend for every theorist but hey that’s just a theory. And   that’s not all he can say he’s actually full of all the favorite catch phrases from the channel   i’m.

Coming to get you mad oh okay very funny who changed the voice box no one did matpat okay going to, kill you and that’s no theory and we’re done with that one why do i always end up   with all the creepy possessed. Stuff this is just kind of the brand now but hey if you. Like all   things creepy why not hit that subscribe button if you don’t well let’s just say that, i can’t   guarantee your safety from whatever scary toys you have lurking around your house to be fair i can’t   really do that even if you do push the subscribe button but still. Pushing that button won’t hurt so   poppy playtime the latest horror craze. Fill in the void of emptiness as we asymptotically approach   the release of security breach if there is, a formula for indie horror this thing checks all   the boxes simple creative gameplay check horrific childhood playthings check mysterious hidden lore   sprinkled throughout double check so today we’re gonna look at the first chapter to start piecing   together what’s, really going on in this game and what’s gonna be coming in the future, installments   and let me tell you this well it may certainly look similar to the dozens of indie horror games   that we’ve seen in the past this one. Has some unexpected twists, that make it all the more   surprising and the more terrifying and i gotta say for the first time in what seems like. Forever   there’s no malicious ai trying to steal your identity to escape their video game prison by   hopping into your body no matter what else this story entails big props on being.

Creative on that   one when we boot up chapter one we’re, told that we’re taking on the role of an ex-employee of the   playtime company finally returning to the factory years after everyone mysteriously disappeared   inside if that’s not. A theorist invite i don’t know what is what happened, why are we the ones   who remain one click into this game and already there are so many questions circulating around so  , to start our adventure we receive a note informing us that these missing employees never   actually left the building alongside of the.

Hs tape that introduces us to the titular character   poppy playtime a doll with hair that smells like poppy’s weirdly realistic eyes and the ability to   have actual conversations she is the first truly intelligent, doll in the world a little girl can   talk to her poppy gives her answers what you gotta say is. A whole lot of red flags right off the bat   i’ve played enough horror games over the years to know that. When inanimate objects start talking to   you you start running in the other direction but i don’t know it’s a. Game what else am i gonna do   i’m curious so off to the factory. We go right off the bat we find a giant version of the   popular playtime company mascot huggy wuggy huh those cold dead eyes aren’t ominous at all   sure nothing bad is. Gonna come from this guy now watching playthroughs of poppy playtime, there is   one thing that immediately stands out everyone high-fives huggy high five high five buddy   hey high five man let’s go, let’s go even me high five huggy boom apparently there’s just some sort   of primal reflex in our monkey brains raised hand equals high five from there we unlock the, second   hand of our grab pack we get to build one of the toys, and look it’s that muppet reject that we met   earlier except now he’s trying to, kill us oh no who could have seen that one coming i mean to be   fair it is a legitimately, terrifying encounter once we managed to escape the nightmare by   throwing them down into the factory abyss we see a large flower on the wall along with all sorts  .

(Poppy Playtime) what up guys it’s me cartoon cat we are at kraken’s mansion and my favorite thing to do there look at the little tiny cartoon beauty check wave hey how’s, it been doing today i finally got a little bit of time after being the number, one police officer so i decided to you know since crack his mansion it’s a little closer to the uh, the city i decided to stay here for the night look it’s spooky isn’t it everything that happens, in this mansion is pretty terrifying you guys remember the elf on the shelf yeah we’ve been attacked by demon cat here and we also met a bottle cat right outside in that forest over. There right. Over there uh who would be at this mansion this late at night is it another scary monster hello sir how are you are you in the mood for some, cool products you guys got some stuff salesman oh my god sure whatever just make it quick. What do you got to no i i thought i was supposed to hold give me the briefcase i’m supposed to have a briefcase all right i’ll start the.

Pitch okay listen your life is clearly not as good as it could be, because right now you do not have our fancy new product look and observe this is can. You guess uh can you guess isn’t that uh i have no idea what that is a pokemon it’s tubby wubby, taco mommy is the best new kid’s toy around are you a kid you look like a kid you’re about three years old that’s tubby wobby’s perfect, age one and all i’m giving the pitch sorry please listen thank.

You put the doll back we can’t put it back yet he hasn’t paid uh wait put that back down was nothing taller than me holy crap a doll, that’s taller than me that’s that’s kind of cool oh yeah it’s so cute and for 59 payments for four months, straight uh it could be yours absolutely what does, that add up to for 49 payments of what a lobby like 80 000 each payment nothing much nothing you can’t. Handle clearly oh well i mean when it comes to money buy the doll i can’t use fake money buy the doll buy the doll can.

I buy the doll can, i pay you back buy the doll listen with interest just take it it’s yours i don’t want it anymore take it please well how do i, how do i how do i move it come on jim oh my god magic crystal okay listen i’m gonna pay you back guys thanks for this i promise listen.

I’m a superhero and a police officer i, do the right thing i would pay back all right denver context again bye but wouldn’t you want to get oh what the heck holy.

Crap that was uh people were just giving away things nowadays ah let’s take a look at it i know little duh i can’t believe i got a doll that’s, bigger than me that’s the big, they forgot i can spawn in multiple but i guess it is night time i kind of just want to just. Kind of hit the bed i think i’ll see you guys in the morning we’re gonna do a lot of fun stuff maybe we can what if we take the, doll make them somehow fight each other, that’d be awesome like a who wore right in kraken’s living room i think that’d be awesome get in bed morning, here how’d you sleep hello let’s check out puppy playtime he’s probably uh i’m pretty sure that’s not where i left you poppy playtime the kraken, come back and mess with the dolls and what the heck was the skeleton thing doing here is it a, leftover halloween halloween decoration boom it was just you cartoon dog why did you how did, you find me here dance ah ah what the no not the chickens again no please no please don’t there were no, chicken powder hey did you move this doll by chance what though these these are the. Blue dolls apparently this is a huggy uh ah this is bob francesca and fran, i’m not asking you the names i need did you move them last night i didn’t touch him i just got here interesting i just snuck in through your window maybe one, of the the chickens you snuck in through my window no that’s creepy anyways let’s take out come on let’s go play ddr or something. So what are you up to today cartoon dog you know, just playing uh dance dance revolution you came over because you had nothing, else to do yeah yeah yep go figure talk to me i saw kermit what you saw kermit yeah i mean kermit, hanged out a little bit not around here i hope oh no no no okay uh well i.